MINNEAPOLIS — Two Minnesota boys spent years saving for and repairing their rides, only to have them stolen this weekend.

Now, a missing ATV and 4-wheeler near Monticello has shaken a sense of safety for two families.

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Zeke Mohrman’s been driving an ATV since he can remember.

“Takes away my stress, it’s fun. It’s like my favorite thing to do,” Zeke said.

For months he’d been working alongside his dad to repair a $3,000 Yamaha he hadn’t had the chance to ride yet.

“Once I noticed everything was missing, I don’t know, I just got scared. Kind of freaked me out,” Zeke said.

Sunday morning it was gone. The Mohrmans’ garage, just west of Monticello, was broken into sometime Saturday night. Someone threw a log through a window to get in.

“They took the 4-wheeler me and my dad had been working on, a bunch of tools and a little dirt bike, little pit bike,” Zeke said.

That bike belonged to 5-year-old Gunnar Hanson.

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“I just felt like I’d been punched,” Gunnar’s mom, Megan Hanson, said.

Gunnar had hatched a plan to sell his old stuff and save for the $2,000 red and white Honda he had only had since August.

“We just had that discussion very early on that if we want something in life, we need to work for it,” Megan said.

The Wright County Sheriff’s office is investigating the burglary. The boys are hoping there’s still time to get their rides back.

“It’s not good to steal,” Gunnar said.

They Mohrmans are now installing cameras and rethinking their safety since.

“We’ve lived here for 15 years and I’ve never had, you know, even small things taken, so to have someone do this is pretty yucky,” Zeke’s mom, Melissa Mohrman, said.

A GoFundMe page has been set in the event the vehicles aren’t recovered.

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