MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)Despite there being a lot to take issue with this season, fans of the Minnesota Vikings do not complain as much as most other NFL fan bases.

That’s according to a new survey from betting website Mibets.com, which surveyed over 5,000 NFL fans across the country to identify the biggest complainers in the league.

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The Dallas Cowboys topped the list as the single worst fanbase in the NFL for complaining, with most respondents saying Cowboys fans use a victim mentality. Fans of the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills are the second and third worst complainers, respectively.

(credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

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“What drives people craziest about other fanbases? Most often, using a victim mentality, complaining on social media and ‘bad’ officiating. Fans also cited the inability for fanbases to get over old losses and fans calling into sports radio stations to air their grievances as other ways that whining gets under their skin,” the survey said.

Vikings fans, who could probably name a few “old losses”, were placed in the No. 26 spot, with the top annoying habit being the victim mentality.

Minnesota’s biggest rival, the Green Bay Packers, nearly broke into the top 10 with a No. 13 placement (victim mentality).

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For more on the survey’s findings, click here.