MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Some people are reporting a long wait for their COVID-19 test results.

Stephanie Kroger and her family were tested for COVID-19 on Oct. 23, when their child’s daycare had a confirmed case.

It took just under five days to get the results.

“They told us it would be three to five days. We weren’t sure if that was business days or full calendar days,” said Kroger.

The response from viewers who recently COVID-19 tests showed their results took anywhere from less than 24 hours to up to a week. Most said they got their results in three days.

Those who got tested at one of the new saliva testing sites which have recently opened across the state reported having results in 24 hours. The state says those sites should provide results in 24 to 48 hours.

“Some of our health providers in different parts of the state contract with national labs, and those labs tend to be a bit slower in turn around time,” said Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm.

Minnesota Department of Health reported that there were 17,976 tests completed on Tuesday, with 1,916 new cases. That brings the daily positivity rate to 10.7%, well above the recommendation to stay below five percent.

“This is the first time the weekly case growth has been this high, over 10% since the top of our second wave at the end of July,” said Malcolm

Malcolm said 48 to 72 hours is considered typical for test turnaround, but said the state is working on a pilot program for rapid test results to expand their testing capabilities and reach people who have been exposed and don’t know it.

“To try to find these asymptomatic positives is the key thing,” said Malcolm.

She also said the flu and cold season could put additional pressure on the turnaround time for COVID-19 test results.

Kate Raddatz