MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The presidential contenders are criss-crossing the nation Monday to make their closing arguments to voters. President Donald Trump is holding five rallies in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Joe Biden has three rallies in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Both campaigns see Minnesota as a state they can win.

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“What we’ve seen is a president very competitive in Minnesota,” Mercedes Schlapp, a senior adviser to the Trump campaign, said. “In that northern part of Minnesota, we’ve had about six of these Democrat mayors come out endorsing President Trump.”

On the issues, former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg says Joe Biden’s top concern is the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s affecting our part of the country the most right now, and … the president seems to be saying it’s basically gone or not a big deal, and we know we’re not going to be able to beat it unless we start by facing it,” Buttigieg said.

When asked how Trump will respond to the growing pandemic, Schlapp said he restricted international travel in March, has made sure state and local governments have the resources they need, and will not lock down the country.

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Schlapp also touted the president’s economic deals.

“He fought hard back against China,” she said. “He fought to make sure we would get a better trade deal with Mexico and Canada.”

Buttigieg says Biden can unify a divided country, something he says the President hasn’t been able to do.

“You can’t run on a law-and-order message when so many of your close associates have been indicted, as is the case with President Trump, and when so much chaos and civil unrest happened on his watch,” Buttigieg said.

Schlapp blames far-left extremists for the riots.

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“We want a peaceful election,” she said. “That is the most important thing.”

David Schuman