MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Security and safety is top of mind for many around the country on Election Day, including in Minnesota.

There is heightened awareness surrounding this election, primarily in the Twin Cities where earlier this year Minneapolis and St. Paul saw days of unrest, looting and rioting following the death of George Floyd. Those cities in particular have specific plans.

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The state Department of Public Safety (DPS) is coordinating security plans with departments across the state.

DPS Commissioner John Harrington said in his 40-plus years of service, he can’t recall a time there has ever been this type of coordination across law enforcement partners across the state for an election.

“While Minneapolis and St. Paul have brought in extra people to make sure they were well prepared, we have made sure our state troopers are at the ready,” he said.”We have had conversations with DNR and others to make sure that if there was something to happen, we could have a very rapid and robust response.”

DPS says they learned a lot during this year’s riots.

If something should happen in the state, the response will first be at the local level. DPS has contingency plans in place and is prepared to react.

Harrington says there has been no activity that would require them to activate the safety plans.

WCCO has been talking with several agencies throughout the day. We’ll stay in touch with and will bring you any developments.

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Jennifer Mayerle