MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Anoka County Jail has finished installation and is now using the first full body scanner within a detention setting in the state.

On Wednesday, the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office announced that the jail is using the Intercept Tek84 Full Body Scanner after the Minnesota Legislature permitted the use of full body scanners in corrections facilities. The sheriff’s office worked with the state’s health department to approve the purchase.

The sheriff’s office says that contraband items — like cellphones, weapons and drugs — confiscated by Anoka County detention deputies continues to increase year after year.

“In most cases, jails use metal detectors and pat searches to locate and collect contraband before they enter facilities. However, inmates are continuously finding new ways to smuggle contraband, and these search methods are unable to find substances and items that do not have metal components and/or may be smuggled internally within the inmate,” the sheriff’s office said.

The full body scanner will allow detention staff to immediately locate any foreign substance located on or within the body.

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