MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reports that a number of people protesting the Enbridge Energy Line 3 pipeline trespassed on property owned by Enbridge Wednesday morning.

Officers say the trespass happened at about 9:30 a.m. on 300th Street about 15 miles north of Park Rapids.

Police reported that people appeared to be tampering with heavy equipment, while others held flags and banners while yelling against Line 3.

They were given an order to vacate the private property, which all but two people complied with, but remained nearby to continue protesting.

Those two chained themselves to a piece of equipment and refused to leave. Eventually officers used cutting tools to free them from the equipment and take them into custody.

The county sheriff’s office says the two — 24-year old Mira Grinsfelder of Minneapolis and 20-year old Elizabeth Foy of St Paul — are charged with trespassing and obstructing the legal process.

Meanwhile, some of the protesters began blocking the roadway. Ultimately two more people were arrested and charged with public nuisance. They were identified as 27-year old Shawn Etsitty of Mentimore and 24-year old Andrew Miles of Minneapolis. Miles also faces charges of unlawful assembly.