MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A worldwide pandemic is making this Thanksgiving very different. No matter how small the gathering, or how far apart, people are doing whatever they can to make it memorable.

“It’s different, it’s a different experience for sure. Kind of cool to do my own thing and start traditions with just me and my husband,” said Nicole Schmatz from Monticello.

The 28-year-old decided she and her husband would not be able to gather with their family this year. Instead, the holiday presented a new challenge: making her first turkey.

“Lot of videos have been watched on how to do it and I did a little Facetime with my aunt this morning trying to make sure I was doing everything right,” she said.

Kate Hogan and her family would normally be having a big open house style Thanksgiving for family and friends at her mom’s house.

“It’s been something that’s super fun and special to me,” she said. This year, her mom brought the cinnamon rolls and bacon to her.

“She met me with her mask on outside; turkey headband, she was in her robe and pajamas on,” said Hogan.

Even if your family was visible by screen this year, there’s so many things to be grateful for, and there’s always 2021.


Kate Raddatz