By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The owner of a personal training studio in St. Paul is partnering with her clients to give back to families in need.

Molly Doyle is on a mission to spread cheer during the Christmas season, and she’s able to help others because of the generosity from her clients who want to give back while getting fit.

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“Twenty-five days, $25, 25 workouts. And so starting Dec. 1, the folks in the program get a workout a day leading up until Christmas,” Doyle said. “And with that $25 donation, 100% of the proceeds go to charity, and we give to Minnesota families in need.”

Doyle picks the families who send their request to Spreading Cheer Minnesota. Molly Doyle Fitness clients are responsible for helping nine families or 40 people this year.

“We got a single dad who said he … can only make ends meet, there’s nothing left, and his son wants an Xbox One,” Doyle said. “I don’t know what it is, but I’m going to get it for his son.”

(credit: Molly Doyle)

Doyle surpassed her goal of raising $5,000.

“Any amount of money passed that goal, I want to spread more cheer by way of $100 bills,” Doyle said.

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So with money in hand, she set out to spread more cheer Monday; from a bus driver, to a woman standing at the bus stop. She didn’t have enough money to ride, until Doyle appeared. The personal trainer soon received a hug for her generosity.

“The shock in her eyes, and she said, ‘I really need this,’ and just a little bit goes so far, and it feels so good to give back,” Doyle said.

She says she is grateful to help others, even when times are tight.

“Are small businesses struggling? Yes. Am I one of them? Yes, but I am bigger than that, and I will get through it and I want to get through it with the support of this community,” she said.

Doyle more than doubled her fundraising goal this year over last year. It’s allowing her clients to use the surplus to spread cheer around in their communities.

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Reg Chapman