By Shayla Reaves

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota man wants to teach 100,000 Minnesota children to code.

Clifton Manneh is the founder of Konduct Coach Learning. The platform offers some free classes for youth to learn HTML and JavaScript. The goal is to help more children gain exposure and internships in tech.

“Just the idea of knowing that I have this skill, that I can create something that can really bring true impact to my community … it’s huge,” Manneh said.

The 26-year-old entrepreneur grew up in Staten Island, New York and moved to the Twin Cities in 2014.

Clifton Manneh (credit: CBS)

“The only opportunity that was presented to me in my youth was football. There was no access to any coding resources, not really much access to computers and stuff,” Manneh said. “The community we came up in, there was so much distraction. There’s so much going on in the streets that if you just slip up a little bit you can easily become a product of that environment.”

The move to Minnesota introduced Manneh to opportunities in tech, paving the way for Konduct Coach Learning.

“The friend group that I put myself around, the community that I put myself around, constantly inspiring me, constantly offering opportunities to me,” Manneh said. “Pushing me to read more, pushing me to become the best version of myself … that really changed a lot and helped really create this startup and company called Konduct Coach Learning.”

Currently, Manneh is a student at Metropolitan State University. His team hopes to expand Konduct Coach learning, partner with more creators and host more free courses online. So far, 750 users have joined the platform officially launched in August.

Shayla Reaves