MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Even though the snow stopped, the roads were still tough to navigate on Christmas Eve. The single-digit temperatures froze whatever snow wasn’t plowed away.

MNDOT plow drivers are working in 12-hour shifts for the rest of the holiday to clear roads, but when it’s less than 15 degrees outside, their treatment options like salt and brine are less effective.

Thursday’s sunshine helped with melting the interstates, but MNDOT says drivers shouldn’t trust the open blacktop going into the evening.

“A word of warning, as that sun goes down if our roads are wet that may freeze again, so we’re going to continue to slick spots for the next day or two for sure,” said Anne Meyer with MNDOT.

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Donna Furst drove the roads Thursday morning. She said the slickest spots were the interstate on ramps where she had to take it really slow

“I was doing a lot of sliding back and forth and tapping my breaks,” said Furst, “I’ve only seen two people spin out in the ditch but 30 mph is probably the quickest anyone wants to go.”

To check the roads along your route, click here for a live map by MNDOT.


Marielle Mohs