MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minneapolis Police Department announced changes Tuesday that are coming to its disciplinary processes.

The changes include embedding a city attorney on the front end of police misconduct investigations.

A city attorney will also be assigned to provide advice to the chief to help make disciplinary decisions.

Staff from the city attorney’s office will also be a part of MPD training.

The mayor and chief say this is all meant to boost accountability, and make sure disciplinary decisions are upheld.

“Today we are marking yet another important step in our broader commitment to creating a more fair, a more just and accountable police department,” Mayor Jacob Frey said.

These changes to the disciplinary process come in addition to changes to the department’s “use of force” policy, which was overhauled following the death of George Floyd.

“Good peace officers do not want bad officers on MPD. They tarnish the badge, they forsake our oath of office,” Chief Medaria Arradondo said.

Officers are now required to use all reasonable alternatives before using force, and then using the lowest level of force needed.

They are also expected to document and justify their actions.

The Minneapolis Police Federation issued a statement in response:

“With historically high crime occurring in Minneapolis, it’s a shame that the priorities of city leaders are so out of focus. The Federation welcomes the changes they make in their investigative process. We appreciate thorough fact finding. We just wish the Chief would discuss these things directly with us, rather than finding out from the press. He has skipped Labor/Management meetings most of the year.”