By Reg Chapman

BURNSVILLE, MINN. (WCCO) — The man shot and killed by Minneapolis police this week has been laid to rest. For many in the East African community, Dolal Bayle Idd was not a felony suspect, but a son, brother and friend.

On this first day of the New Year, a funeral for the young man. Many are struggling to understand why he is no longer here.

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The side of Highway 13 in Burnsville turned into overflow parking for the hundreds who packed the Garden of Eden Islamic Cemetery. It was here a community would say goodbye to 23-year-old Dolal Idd.

“The community is on edge and rightfully so, because we have seen too many of these incidents happen,” said Jaylani Hussein.

Jaylani Hussein spoke on Thursday on how many feel that Idd’s death could have been prevented.

Mourners were asked to go back to their cars, too many were on the site and leaders wanted to make sure COVID-19 spread did not become an issue. What is an issue: the search for answers and hope for change.

“Fundamental changes have still not been had, we still don’t have policies at the state level that really reflect the changes that are happening in other places in this country,” Hussein said.

Hussein would like to see policy changes that provide more resources for communities struggling to find positive activities for its youth.

It would also like to see more transparency in investigations when it comes to officer-involved shootings in communities of color.

“They say that gunfire was exchanged, but we’ve noticed that exchange between white officers and white victims usually ends up in, nobody dying. I think we had that in Owatonna just recently. When it comes to black people, it doesn’t matter, if you have a gun, you could have a wallet and get shot,” Hussein said.

Many gathered here wonder what de-escalation tactics, if any, were used in the incident. They hope to see all the video associated with the shooting in hopes of getting a better understanding so healing can begin.

The Minnesota BCA is investigating the shooting. BCA agents and Hennepin County deputies searched Idd’s family home several hours after the shooting.

Idd’s father Bayle Gelle said armed investigators handcuffed them before telling them Idd had died.

“There was screaming, it was loud, and there was a bunch of guys – at least 20 or something like that – they were pushing us down and screaming and saying ‘don’t move.’ And I have a small kid,” said Gelle on Thursday.

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office says body-camera footage shows deputies acted “professionally” and “politely.”

Reg Chapman