MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Investigators were looking for guns during the nighttime raid of the family home of Dolal Idd, the man killed last week in an alleged shootout with Minneapolis police, according to a search warrant filed in the case. Meanwhile, the Dakota County Attorney’s Office says it will review the case.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension released the names of the three officers involved in Idd’s deadly shooting:

  • Officer Paul Huynh, a six-year MPD veteran
  • Sgt. Darcy Klund, a 33-year MPD veteran
  • Officer Jason Schmitt, a 23-year MPD veteran

WCCO-TV obtained a copy of the search warrant Monday, and it sheds light on what led up to Wednesday’s deadly encounter in south Minneapolis as well as the raid that happened hours later at Idd’s Eden Prairie home.

According to the warrant, officers with the Minneapolis Police Department’s Community Response Team were using an informant and trying to buy guns that Idd, 23, was allegedly selling illegally. Officers stopped Idd Wednesday evening at a gas station just off of East 36th Street and Cedar Avenue. A gunfight broke out, and ended with Idd dying at the scene. The BCA says investigators at the scene recovered a handgun and a MAC-10 assault-style handgun from Idd’s car.

Minneapolis police say officer body camera video released Thursday showed that Idd fired at officers first. Community members dispute that, saying the video is inconclusive.

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After the shooting, the BCA obtained a search warrant to raid Idd’s Eden Prairie home, where the informant said that Idd had more guns that he intended to sell. The middle-of-the-night raid was granted to prevent anyone from moving or destroying evidence. However, nothing related to the purchase of guns was found in the home early Thursday morning.

According to the search warrant, police had been called to the home in the past, including for a weapons offense in 2018. Also, another man listed at the address is currently in custody for a homicide involving a gun.

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office released footage of the raid Saturday, showing SWAT officers in tactical gear pointing weapons at Idd’s relatives. Idd’s father, Bayle Gelle, said the experience was traumatizing.

“They were screaming. They have a gun. I have small children,” he said Thursday after the warrant was executed. “They take the gun and tell everyone don’t move. We get nightmares and shock.”

Sheriff David Hutchinson said the raid procedure was standard for high-risk warrants, as guns were believed to be in the house.

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets Sunday, calling for justice for Idd, saying that police did not have to use deadly force on the 23-year-old.


On Monday, Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom announced that his office will be reviewing the fatal Minneapolis police-involved shooting of Idd. Here is his full statement:

At the request of the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, the Dakota County Attorney’s Office has agreed to review the recent fatal officer-involved shooting of Dolal Idd to determine whether or not the officers of the Minneapolis Police Department involved in this shooting death were legally justified to use deadly force under Minnesota law, and if not, to handle any prosecution which may result. This was done in accordance with an agreement among the county attorneys in the five largest metropolitan counties to handle cases of this nature for one another, or to request the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office do so, to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest.

David Schuman