MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Twin Cities man has come up with a way to show others that you’ve gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.

Adam Wiatrowski started a new organization to produce lime green wristbands. He said the idea is to wear them to proudly display that you’ve been vaccinated and encourage others to do the same.

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In less than a year after COVID-19 was first discovered, vaccines have already begun being administered, which has caused some hesitation among those concerned about the speed at which the vaccine was created.

“I started thinking about ways to help each other get through COVID and create support for one another,” said Wiatrowski, who lives in Maple Grove.

He has worked in the health care industry for two decades. Now, Wiatrowski is an entrepreneur, starting the organization Courage Thru COVID. He hopes people who have been vaccinated wear his lime green wristbands.

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“We wanted to have a bright color that’s noticeable,” he said. “I have nurses who are friends and they love the idea.”

The goal is to show support for front line workers and encourage others to also get vaccinated. Courage Thru COVID is donating 10,000 of the wristbands to Minnesota hospitals.

“You know one of the things I like about our country is everybody has a choice to get vaccinated, and we wanted to create this as a positive message,” he added.

The organization has already had some orders from long-term care facilities and a public school. They are in talks with local hospitals and hospitals around the country.

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WCCO reached out to several local hospitals to see if there is any kind of policy to have health care workers show whether or not they’ve gotten the COVID-19 vaccine. They said there is currently not a policy but it is common practice to have health care workers wear special clips that signify they have gotten their flu shot.

Kate Raddatz