MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesotans get their shot at some big money once again this Friday and Saturday. The Mega Millions Jackpot is up to $750 million and the Powerball jackpot is $640 million.

Your odds of winning the Minnesota Mega Millions Jackpot are roughly one in 302 million. Still, WCCO wondered what some of you would do with the money. We found that for most people, the pandemic has changed their lottery dreams.

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“Honestly I’d invest as much as I could into Bitcoin and 4x trading,” Ron from Hastings said.

“And split it half and half,” joked his partner Madi.

“First, it might be a home,” said Sharmane from Minneapolis.

Bobby And Steve’s Auto World Manager Tim Sieber sells a lot of tickets to wide-eyed hopefuls.

“Probably like $8,000 worth a week,” he said. “When the numbers get this high people just go nuts, they start throwing money at it.”

But many say they would give most of it away.

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“I will donate half of this money to a people who need it the most, especially these times right now,” Alvaro from Minneapolis said.

“Before the pandemic I probably would’ve been more likely to splurge it on some nonsense, but since the pandemic it definitely teaches me to be more responsible with my money,” Ron said.

“I would try to help family out cause I know everybody struggling at this time,” Sharmane said.

“It’s not about being selfish,” Alvaro said.

“Money ain’t really that important to me,” Ron said.

The Mega Millions drawing is Friday and the Powerball is Saturday night.

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Erin Hassanzadeh