MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota House DFL has introduced a sweeping bill aimed at boosting access to the ballot box. It’s a proposal leaders say protects our democratic institutions.

In a news conference today, the DFL called for a number of reforms to current election law. Their bill would establish automatic voter registration, allow Minnesotans on probation or parole to vote, create a permanent absentee voting lists and require that instructions for absentee ballots are offered in multiple languages.

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House DFLers say it’s a move that would strengthen democracy, most recently tested by the violent insurrection the U.S. capitol three weeks ago.

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“This bill would make voting easier not harder. It would expand voting rights, not shrink them. It would make elections more secure, not less. And it would make campaigns more relevant, not more remote,” Secretary of State Steve Simon said.

In the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans, there is a bill to require photo ID at the polls, which is a measure rejected by Minnesota voters nearly a decade ago.

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The likelihood of any of these measures getting enough support to pass this session is low.