By Kate Raddatz

WAYZATA, Minn. (WCCO) — Authorities are investigating an alleged hit-and-run that happened on Lake Minnetonka.

“I noticed two snowmobiles coming in pretty quickly,” Peter Kissinger, from Minneapolis, said.

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Kissinger and Samantha Hoch were out ice fishing around 6 o’clock Friday night near Wayzata Bay when Kissinger noticed snowmobiles coming toward them, fast. He was standing outside their portable ice house.

They didn’t stop.

“I started screaming,” he said. “I just ran towards the house and the next thing I knew it was just gone.”

Kissinger saw one of the snowmobiles go right through their portable ice house, where Hoch, his girlfriend, was inside.

“It just kind of like ripped into pieces and then was dragged a little ways,” Hoch said.

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Kissinger later took video of the aftermath that shows right where the tracks went by Hoch’s chair before both snowmobilers took off.

Hoch was still sitting, but she was hurt. Her leg was hit.

“I ran to her and we hugged each other,” Kissinger said. “I just couldn’t believe that she was still alive.”

Kissinger called 911. He says he’s been ice fishing since he was a kid, and always keeps reflectors on the house and a bright light so that it can be seen.

He pulled Hoch by sled to get her back to shore where an ambulance was waiting. Hoch injured her shin and foot but is expected to be OK. Both said if either of them had been near the other side of the ice house, things would have turned out differently.

The couple said there were other people ice fishing and skiing in the area at the time.

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The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Water Patrol is asking anyone with information about the incident to come forward.

Kate Raddatz