MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Our cold wind chills continue Saturday, with a high of 2 degrees expected. Sunday and Monday look to be the coldest days, with 2 below zero expected to be the high for Sunday and zero degrees for Monday.

Oh, but that’s not all. As for when warmer weather could arrive, the extended forecast offers little immediate hope. Temperatures look to stay in the single digits at least until late next week, possibly beyond.

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With such dangerous conditions out there, to say nothing of the continuing COVID pandemic keeping us all from gathering in large groups indoors, what better time to catch up on some binge-worthy streaming shows?

We asked WCCO’s reporters what shows have had them hooked in recent months to offer up some selections for what you could use to pass the time waiting for an above-freezing temperature that might never come.

Oh, and we operated under the presumption that you’ve already caught yourself up on all the programming CBS All Access has to offer — from The Good Fight to The Stand, from Star Trek: Picard to The Twilight Zone.

Here are WCCO’ers’ must-watch titles:


The Circus: This chance to meet the lawmakers and experts whose actions literally make the news each week is fascinating. There are very few shows that bring you behind-the-scenes of big events as they play out in real time. The Crown: I only have a passing interest in the British royal family, but this show still hooks me. It’s beautiful and moody (perfect for winter days, if you ask me) in appearance, and sends me to Wikipedia each episode to look up: ‘Did that really happen?!’ Normal People: Originally aired on UK network television, this multi-decadal straight love story has a lot of aspects that I can relate to, even though I’m gay. It’s dark, and you’ll probably cry, but I found the toxic stew of shame, fear of speaking one’s true feelings, and missed opportunities in this show to be very, very real. Reading that back to myself, I’m not sure if I actually sold this one all that well, but I liked it a lot. Please Like Me: Originally aired on Australian network television, it’s a peek at the lives of twenty-somethings living in Melbourne, as told through the eyes of an awkward, hilarious gay kid. Insecure: Inspired by Issa Rae’s web series ‘Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl,’ this is the thir(s)ty-something, LA companion to Please Like Me, in a way. I relate deeply to the idea of putting your best face forward at work, while really just trying to figure it all out and keep the house from burning down. The west-coast scenery, music, and swag are all huge bonuses. Ted Lasso: The feel and tone of this fish-out-of-water comedy has the ridiculousness, heart, and laughs to make it the perfect replacement for Schitt’s Creek (RIP). Big Mouth: The cartoon version of kids going through puberty. I’m late to the party on this one, but it’s the funniest, raunchiest thing I’m currently watching on TV.”
Mike Augustyniak

“I’ve been binging on Bridgerton. Love the costumes, the characters … and the Duke!”
Heather Brown

“I’ll be continuing to watch The Crown to finally get to the most recent season with Princess Diana (the queen of my universe). I love the palace intrigue and can’t get enough.”
Caroline Cummings

The Undoing on HBO Max. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant like you haven’t seen them before. A murder mystery with infidelity, lies, and huge amounts of money. Only 6 episodes, easy to bust through over a chilly weekend.”
Jason DeRusha

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Yellowstone with Kevin Costner. I love it because it captivates your imagination and takes you to the rolling hills and mountains of Montana. I feel like I’m somewhere else when I watch it.”
Erin Hassanzadeh

Narcos on Netflix. Also, The Mandalorian on Disney Plus. Both have excellent acting and storylines.”
John Lauritsen

Celebrity IOU on HGTV, reality TV with heart, style, and a whole lotta warmth!”
Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

“I am finally to Season 4 of The Crown. I’m enjoying learning more about Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family, and am looking forward to seeing Princess Diana introduced. Bridgerton has captured my attention! I feel like I am escaping to another time and country when I watch. Just started Firefly Lane and will surely get through it quickly. One of the characters is in news. And Yellowstone is next on my list. But the show that had me smiling and laughing throughout is Ted Lasso. I feel like it’s the show we never knew we all needed this year.”
Jennifer Mayerle

“My newest favorite is Wandavision on Disney+ by Marvel. I’m not into superhero movies AT ALL, but this show is so unique and different. It will satisfy any Marvel lover, but also hook in a new audience who misses Nick at Nite sitcoms. Also Grace and Frankie on Netflix is so funny and super easy to binge. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin … do I need to say anymore?”
Marielle Mohs

“Ok, my actual guilty pleasure is 90 Day Fiance and Love/Life after Lockup. It’s interesting to see other people’s lives — even if parts are scripted. Some of the story lines are way out there, and so different from anything I experience (or would want to experience) in my own life. I also follow some bloggers who break down those shows and discuss the content with fans from around the world. I think it’s cool to hear the different perspectives people have about those shows in different parts of the world.”
Shayla Reaves

I’m Sorry on Netflix. This NSFW sitcom isn’t well known at all but it should be. The main character Andrea is a hilarious and raunchy and awkward mom who’s like a mix of Louis CK and Larry David.”
David Schuman

Avatar: The Last Airbender. Watched this as a kid, and I’ve gotten something new out of it every time I’ve seen it since!”
Norman Seawright III

“I’m watching The Mandalorian because I am a Star Wars geek. And I’m watching Cobra Kai because I am an ’80s geek. Cold air makes me geek out!”
Chris Shaffer

Merlin! Just a solid, beautifully told, family friendly version of the old myth that really highlights selfless friendship. HIGHLY recommend. Runner Up: Sherlock. It’s a modern twist on Sherlock Homes, and Benedict Cumberbatch is BRILLIANT in it. It’s so well done, I really love the creativity. The last season is strange, but I LOVE the first three seasons.”
Katie Steiner

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Hunters on Amazon Prime. It’s a year old but it’s an interesting take on history with enough twists and turns that you think it may be a Quentin Tarantino production.”
Frank Vascellaro