MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The identity of one of the people shot at a Buffalo clinic earlier this week has been released. Allina Health says that Sherry Curtis was among the five people who were shot in the incident.

Curtis was taken to North Memorial Medical Center on Tuesday following the shooting, in critical but stable condition.

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Earlier Thursday, 67-year-old Gregory Ulrich was formally charged with murder and attempted murder. Investigators say he walked into Allina Clinic Crossroads just before 11 a.m. Tuesday and opened fire moments after staff asked if they could help him.

He’s accused of shooting two people in the reception area, another in the back as they tried to run away, and then two more people.

He’s also accused of setting off explosive devices.

Lindsay Overbay, a 37-year-old medical assistant at the clinic and a mother of two young children, died of her injuries.

Ulrich had made past threats against the hospital, investigators say. A 2018 police report says he called a doctor and spoke about getting revenge against the hospital, detailing mass violence such as shooting people and blowing things up. He said that he wanted the violence to be “sensational.”

A restraining order was filed against him. Ulrich told investigators that he was “tortured” by his back surgery and resulting medication issues.

Ulrich is charged with one count of second-degree intentional murder, four counts of first-degree premeditated attempted murder, one count of discharging an explosive device, and one count of carrying a pistol without a permit in a public place.