MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The severe storms that have affected parts of the U.S. this week are leading to a delay for some Minnesotans seeking vaccines for COVID-19.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, the state has been forced to postpone appointments for Thursday at two locations, and has postponed Friday appointments at six locations.

The health department identified sites affected in Minneapolis, St. Cloud, Rochester, Fergus Falls, North Mankato, and Thief River Falls.

The MDH warns that additional delays in vaccine shipments could cause further problems for the state and vaccine providers.

Earlier this week, officials in St. Louis County canceled three scheduled COVID vaccination clinics due to delayed shipments of the doses.

Meanwhile, Gov. Tim Walz’s administration launched a tool Thursday to help Minnesotans figure out where they can get vaccinated once they become eligible to get a shot in the weeks and months ahead.

The tool, called the Vaccine Connector, is being touted as the next step in the state’s vaccination strategy.

Minnesotans may choose not to provide certain information regarding their identity and still complete the sign-up form.