MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Department of Human Rights has reached a settlement with a wood products manufacturer in Eagan they say would refuse to hire women.

The discriminatory practice at Villaume Industries was discovered after an investigation began in 2019, according to officials. The department found Villaume would refuse to accept women applicants from an employment agency.

Villaume will pay a $90,000 fine as a result, as well as a donation to “an organization that supports the advancement of women in the workplace.”

The company also agreed to a series of workplace reforms, listed below from a Department of Human Rights release:

  • Recruit and hire women.
  • Amend all recruitment materials to explicitly state the company welcomes and values women in the workplace.
  • Establish relationships with organizations that help employers recruit qualified women.
  • Provide anti-bias, cultural humility, and welcoming workplace training to employees.
  • Report hiring data to the Minnesota Department of Human Rights every 90 days.
  • Create, maintain, and implement workplace anti-discrimination policies that comply with the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

Sex discrimination is prohibited under Minnesota law.