MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Protesters brought down the Christopher Columbus statue near the state capitol last June. It was during the time of unrest following the death of George Floyd.

A Minnesota senator released a Facebook video calling for the statue to be replaced.

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“This is public property. It belongs to everybody. It was put here for a reason,” Sen. Bill Ingebrightsen (R-Alexandria) said. “It’s a rather costly ordeal, but I want it replaced. And it will send a message to those who are going to come out and do damage.”

Damage to the statue is estimated at $154,000. The cost of installing a new sculpture could take three to six years and cost around $400,000.

The bill to restore the statue passed out of committee Wednesday and will go to the Senate floor for a vote.

The activist who toppled the Christopher Columbus statue, Michael Anthony Forcia, received 100 hours of community service and avoided a trial. The decision was reached with the help of a restorative justice program.