MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Jury selection will continue Monday in the Derek Chauvin trial with the judge saying he wants to pick two more jurors.

Right now 13 have been seated, but the judge says he wants another alternate because of all the publicity in the case.

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The trial of Chauvin was originally set to have 14 jurors; two of those would be alternates. On Friday, the judge said the attorneys will choose a 15th juror so there can be another alternate.

Two jurors who had been chosen for the panel had to be eliminated because of the impact of the pretrial publicity about the $27 million settlement between the city of Minneapolis and George Floyd’s family. Normally in lengthy, high-profile trials like this one there are even more alternate jurors, but because of COVID there is not enough room for more in the courtroom.

The alternates do not know who they are right now and will listen to testimony and be there in case one of the jurors gets sick or is unable to continue.

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Joe Tamburino is a criminal defense attorney not affiliated with the case.

“You want to make sure that everyone on that jury thinks they are a juror,” he said. “You want everyone on the jury to pay attention, most of the time it’s the last one or two jurors picked who are the alternates, but the judge could make any rule. The judge could put all the names in a hat and pick out two, the judge could say number five and six are the alternates.”

So far the 13 jurors chosen are a fairly diverse group. There are five men and eight women. Seven are white, four are Black and two identify as multi-racial. The ages of the jurors range from two in their 20s to a grandmother in her 60s. Opening statements in the trial are expected March 29.

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