MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A St. Paul family was taken to the hospital after a hidden poison filled their home.

The fire department took six people, including children, to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. It happened Sunday morning in St. Paul’s Midway neighborhood.

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The home on Edmund Avenue has been condemned until its carbon monoxide issues are fixed. A multi-generational family of six, ages ranging from 3 years old to 65, were taken to the hospital Sunday with carbon monoxide poisoning.

The fire department says parts of the home had 20 times the amount at which firefighters are required to wear breathing equipment.

(credit: CBS)

Fire officials say the problem was an issue with a furnace combined with bad ventilation. The house also had no working carbon monoxide detectors.

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“This would have alerted the occupants to this possibly days ago if this has been a prolonged situation,” Roy Mokosso, St. Paul Deputy Fire Chief, said.

WCCO spoke with multiple neighbors who didn’t want to talk on camera, but said this incident has inspired them to check on their own carbon monoxide detectors.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas. Breathing in too much can cause headaches, nausea, or cause you to pass out.

Carbon monoxide detectors cost about $20 on average. And depending on the type, can last from one to seven years.

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The St. Paul Fire Department will give them to residents for free.

David Schuman