MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A day after the Derek Chauvin verdict, Operation Safety Net says it’s sending troops and officers home.

At one point, a total of 128 state troopers from Ohio and Nebraska were in Minnesota. Three-thousand Minnesota National Guard members were also on the streets. Gen. Shawn Manke says some have already left, while most will be home in a matter of days.

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“Our intent is by the end of weekend, we’d have the vast majority of soldiers and airmen off this mission,” Manke said.

It’s news some are relieved to hear, like Faith Rynearson.

“This is how our country reacts to civil unrest. It’s trying to control us instead of facing the problem,” Rynearson said.

Others are taking the chance to thank them for being here, including Abdiair Abdi.

“When I see the uniform, I have to give respect, salute them,” Abdi said.

(credit: CBS)

A lot of boarded-up downtown Minneapolis businesses are still closed Wednesday, but not Manny’s steakhouse. They put boards up in anticipation of the verdict, but say they’re coming right back down.

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The group is scaling back, but Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo says they’re staying ready if needed, with weekly meetings and ongoing conversations about the trials for the other three officers.

“Our planning and communication hasn’t stopped. That will be ongoing,” Arradondo said.

And Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson says they’re reflecting on some of the measures used to control crowds, like tear gas and rubber bullets.

“The community wasn’t happy about some of our tactics. We’ll revisit them, but it all comes back to how can we manage large crowds of people safely,” Hutchinson said.

A new federal investigation could force changes within the Minneapolis Police Department. The United States Department of Justice says it will take a sweeping look at the department’s use of force and its handling of misconduct allegations, among other things. It is a process that will likely take months.

A gunman shot at National Guard members a few days ago in north Minneapolis. Ten Minnesota State Troopers also have minor injuries. Sheriff Hutchinson says one of his deputies needed stiches after getting hit in the face with a brick, which also broke their nose.

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Leaders were also asked about the cost of all this security. They haven’t tallied it up yet, but promise to release that number when they have it.

Erin Hassanzadeh