FALL RIVER, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts police department is apologizing after a social media post critical of George Floyd was shared on the department’s official Facebook page.

The since-deleted post appeared shortly after a Minnesota jury found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty in Floyd’s death last May.

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The Fall River Herald News reports the post contrasted how Chauvin was calm as he was handcuffed and taken away from the courthouse after the verdict and questioned what would have happened if Floyd had done the same during his arrest.

The Fall River Police Department said in a statement that an employee had accessed the Facebook page and “inadvertently” re-posted an opinion meant for their own personal account. It stressed the post didn’t represent the opinion of the department.

Police Chief Jeffrey Cardoza said later the post was shared by one of a few officers who has access to the department account. He said the department will investigate and may consider disciplinary action.

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“I am personally disappointed these attitudes exist,” Cardoza said in a statement.

Mayor Paul Coogan added in a statement that the post was “disappointing, frustrating and unacceptable.”

He said it showed there’s more work to do to “create transparent, strong relationships” between the department and the community.

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