MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Dozens of cameras from around the world gathered again on Thursday afternoon.

Still in town from covering Derek Chauvin’s trial, they focused on the death of Daunte Wright.

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Alfred Spears waved his Black Lives Matter flag in support, and his church – Shiloh Temple – opened their doors to a funeral once again.

“Here we go again, that’s the truth. Here we go again, when does it end,” he asked. He attended to show support for the family. “Letting them know we are praying for them, we are praying for the whole situation, it’s really really tragic.”

And again, Rev. Al Sharpton arrived to take the pulpit as he did for Floyd’s service. Floyd’s family came too.

One of the biggest moments was when Wright’s small son arrived to say goodbye to the father he barely knew.

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Those close to Wright wore red because it was one of his favorite colors.

“He was just a happy person, a real happy person, not violent at all,” said Antoinette Kennerson, a family friend.

The grief was in the air, as onlookers showed signs of support; waving flags, holding signs, and singing. They didn’t have to know Wright to feel the familiar pain.

“We are angry, we are upset, but we are not all violent,” said Staley Brown. “We just want equality, we just want to be like everyone else.”

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After the funeral, people gathered outside Shiloh Temple for a prayer rally for George Floyd; a reminder that the two men and their legacies will forever be tied together in this city and beyond.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield