By WCCO-TV Staff

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Two St. Paul city employees were assaulted on the job on Tuesday afternoon.

According to St. Paul Police, an employee was working as a cleaner on the intersection of Fourth Street East and Wabasha Street. He was picking up trash when a man approached him.

After the man yelled at him, the employee tried to put his cleaning cart in between himself and the man, at which point the suspect threw it to the side and rushed at the worker. He allegedly ripped the employee’s shirt and punched him several times.

The employee then ran to the corner of Sixth Street East and Wabasha Street and told a coworker that he had been assaulted by a man and was accused of stealing his keys.

When the suspect caught up with them, the two said they didn’t have his keys. The suspect then reportedly hit the second employee and the two of them fought.

Officers later arrived to the scene to find the suspect hiding in between two cars. The suspect then fought with an officer, kicking his legs. During the struggle, a bystander ran up and sat on the suspect’s legs until additional officers arrived.

The man was taken into custody. Both employees were taken to the hospital. Neither suffered life-threatening injuries.