By Marielle Mohs

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Roughly 75 volunteers gathered on Saturday morning to search for Keegan Oyugi, a 26-year-old Crown College graduate who has been missing for two weeks.

With the help of Minnesota United, an organization that helps find missing people, volunteers used drones and a kayak team also assisted in the search.

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Oyugi was last seen leaving the Prior Lake area on June 12 around 4:30 a.m., heading home to St. Bonifacius. He was driving a red Ford Mustang with a white stripe along the bottom and temporary Kansas license plates.

Credit: Minnetrista Public Safety Department

He lived and worked in the community near Crown College, where he graduated two years ago. He was a star basketball player and still worked for the college’s program.

Josh Truax is a lead search volunteer with Minnesota United. He guided groups of volunteers through the thick brush areas, telling them what key things to look for.

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“What we need to do is hopefully be able to find the car. We can use that as a starting point,” said Truax, “We’re looking for fresh marks that veered off the road into the woods. We’re looking for recently damaged bridges.”

Many of the volunteers during Saturday’s search were complete strangers, who just wanted to help the Oyugi Family. Victoria Schultz is one of those strangers who felt compelled to be here.

“He’s a human being. A human being who is missing,” said Schultz, “He could be your brother, your child, so we are here to help find him…anything we can do, we’re here for that.”

That kind of compassion from strangers is something carrying Keegan’s parents, Mirriam and Richard Oyugi, through this difficult, uncertain time.

“We are encouraged by the people coming out and helping us out because obviously we could not have done this by ourselves…no way,” said Mirriam Oyugi, “We will find Keegan one way or the other.”

While nothing significant showed up in Saturday’s search, the group is not going to give up. Search leaders from Minnesota United determined there are 5 possible routes Keegan could have taken home to St. Bonifacious from Savage two weeks ago. Their next search will be along an alternate route, where more volunteers will be needed again.

“Until he’s here, we always have to have that hope. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, hope is still alive,” said Schultz.

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Marielle Mohs