By WCCO-TV Staff

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The new state budget passed on Wednesday included funds to help the redevelopment of a Twin Cities neighborhood.

The Rondo neighborhood in St. Paul was a thriving historically Black neighborhood full of homes and Black-owned businesses. It was in its prime in the 1950s, when the state began expanding Interstate 94 through the neighborhood, displacing 61% of its residents and destroying 300 businesses.

“Putting a freeway through a community, a person wakes up and that person has lost their sense of the world,” said Marvin Anderson, who launched a program called ReConnect Rondo. “Their ecosystem has been destroyed. We call it ‘root shock.'”

For years, the ReConnect Rondo effort has been striving to rejoin the neighborhood with a land bridge. The plan will now likely move forward, after the state allocated $6.2 million to start the process.

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The bridge would cap I-94 for several blocks, offering green space, cultural retail, food opportunities, and health resources. It would also include housing and jobs to support the neighbors of Rondo.

(credit: HGA)

Keith Baker, who is in charge of ReConnect Rondo, called it an opportunity to “uplift, and to be a vehicle for better life for people.”

“Literally and figuratively trying to connect the community, not only by a physical structure, but also really the spirit, lifting up the spirit of the community and hopefulness into the future,” he added.

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