By WCCO-TV Staff

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A man in Rochester is selling a massive collection of Wheaties boxes.

Dale Haigh says he has been collecting Wheaties for about 40 years, and estimates he has somewhere between 300 and 400 boxes.

Dale Haigh and his Wheaties collection (Credit: Facebook Marketplace/Dale Haigh)

He’s asking for $300 on Facebook Marketplace, saying it would be great for anyone who owns a sports bar or is thinking of opening one up.

Haigh says he’s selling the boxes because he’s getting older and nobody in his family wants to keep collecting them.

Wheaties Collection (Credit: Facebook Marketplace/Dale Haigh)

His favorite boxes are the older ones, like the ones featuring Chris Evert and Johnny Bench.

His wife also said he’s eaten a lot of Wheaties in his time.