By WCCO-TV Staff

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We know going to the gym is good for us, but people come up with all kinds of excuses to skip it.

A new survey shows the classic excuse of “I’m too tired” was number one. “It’s raining” and “It’s cold” were number two and three.

Some gave much more blunt reasons to not work out, like they’re hung-over or it’s just too boring.

Here are the top 20 excuses:

  1. Too tired
  2. Weather – Rain specifically
  3. Weather – Too cold
  4. Feeling sick
  5. Just ate
  6. Too late
  7. No time
  8. Feel sore
  9. It’s boring
  10. Left work too late
  11. Planning to work out tomorrow
  12. Dark outside
  13. Worked out yesterday
  14. Got other plans
  15. Snow
  16. Hangover
  17. Rest week
  18. Too hungry
  19. Don’t want to work out in public
  20. Planning early night