By Esme Murphy

MINNESOTA (WCCO) – Climbing cases among the unvaccinated are raising concerns about Minnesota’s battle against a highly-contagious form of COVID-19.

According to the New York Times, our average daily case count has now tripled in two weeks. And our positivity rate is the highest it’s been since the start of June.

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Lets use the upcoming Minnesota State Fair as an example. The CDC breaks down their guidance in two categories, vaccinated or not vaccinated.

Consider a family of four going to the fair; Mom and dad are vaccinated but the kids are not. The vaccinated parents don’t need a mask and they don’t have to worry about social distancing.

The advice for both unvaccinated kids is the same as it is for unvaccinated adults. The CDC and MDH agree that both should wear a mask at all times during their visit to the Fair and they should try to socially distance six feet, especially when they take off their masks to eat or drink. Although experts acknowledge that social distancing at events such as a fair are nearly impossible.

Experts continue to warn that unvaccinated children are very much at risk with the stronger and more contagious Delta variant.

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“This is infecting young people…we are seeing a rise in severe disease and hospitalizations among young people,” said Dr. Gregory Poland, a nationally known vaccine expert from Mayo Clinic.

“…it’s never wrong to wear a mask even if you are fully vaccinated and you are going into a high risk setting, a mask just gives you added protection,” said MDH’s Kris Ehresman.

This of course begs the question, if vaccinated people are still getting COVID-19, then why should the unvaccinated get the shot?

Here all our experts agree. They say when vaccinated the chances of getting COVID-19 and the Delta variant are dramatically lower, and if you do get it, your symptoms will be a lot less severe.

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The health department says the Delta variant now makes up 75% of the new cases in Minnesota.

Esme Murphy