MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota isn’t exactly known for having comfortable weather, but this week has been nothing short of glorious. No matter the weather, Minnesotans have a reputation for being outdoorsy.

So it got us wondering, why does nature feel so good? WCCO is answering that Good Question.

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It’s September in Minnesota, and thanks to the weather, life feels grand. Turns out, the fresh air euphoria isn’t just a feeling, it’s a reality.

Heather Greeley Benson is a nature-based therapist.

“It really does come down to the neurological science,” she said.

She works at the Arboretum and is helping launch a program to work with patients at Masonic Children’s with things like flower therapy.

She explains why nature feels so good.

“We are neurologically attuned to nature and there is affinity to nature that’s in us,” she said.

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She calls it biophilia, which means humans have an innate tendency to commune with nature.

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“So it means our brains are hardwired to search that out and find it wherever we can,” she said.

And when we do seek it out, it can calm us and create mindfulness.

“Brings that current body mindfulness of what’s happening in your body and around in your own body,” she said.

She says to maximize your interaction with nature focus on different senses, like try closing your eyes, and using your ears or sense of touch. And breathe deep — you may just get that natural high.

Greeley Benson said even if you can’t go outside, looking out the window or bringing flowers in can lift your mood. She also suggests taking even a five minute walk outside after school or work to calm your body and mind.

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