By WCCO-TV Staff

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Vikings lost an absolute heartbreaker Sunday afternoon on a missed field goal by Greg Joseph. But if you were listening to the game on the Vikings Radio Network, you had a brief moment of exuberance as Paul Allen initially called the kick good.

“It is good!” Allen shouted in his trademark timbre. Then, a second later after the saw the signal from the referees: “No, he missed it. Are you kidding me? He missed it right.”

Joseph’s 37-yard field goal sliced wide right, giving the Cardinals a 34-33 win over the Vikings.

For his part, Allen owned up to the ultimately insignificant mistake on Twitter, saying he usually waits for the refs to signal before making a call, but he “wanted them to beat that team so badly” and jumped the gun.

Allen has been the voice of the Vikings on the radio for nearly 20 years, so he’s seen and called plenty of missed Vikings kicks.