MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A man with eight active arrest warrants was finally apprehended Friday after leading authorities on two separate pursuits, stealing multiple vehicles, and leading authorities on various K-9 searches.

According to reports from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, on Thursday the office received news of a stolen vehicle in the area of Douglas County and Alexandria. Later that night an Alexandria police officer located the stolen pickup and trailer and attempted to stop the vehicle when a pursuit began. Law enforcement terminated the pursuit a short time later after being unsuccessful.

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Authorities then received information from On-Star reporting the vehicle as stationary on the east side of Alexandria. Officers and deputies went to the location but when they arrived, the driver had disconnected the stolen trailer and gotten back into the stolen pickup beginning another pursuit. The suspect eventually stopped on the east side of Lake Geneva and fled on foot. A perimeter and K-9s were used in an attempt to locate the suspect in the wooded area. During the search, authorities heard the man tell them that he had a gun and were able to identify the suspect.

The search was unsuccessful and was called off as it appeared the suspect had escaped through the perimeter. The stolen pickup was found and towed to the Alexandria Police Department for evidence.

On Friday the DCSO received another report of a stolen vehicle at a home on East Lake Geneva Road. Law enforcement arrived at the address and found that the suspect had broken into the home while the residents were asleep and stolen a 2016 Jeep from their garage. The Jeep was later found in Alexandria.

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Later that evening, the DCSO determined that the suspect was at a home in Carlos. The Douglas County SWAT Team executed a no-knock warrant leading the suspect to flee on a stolen motorcycle. Officers located several firearms in the residence while other authorities searched for the suspect. Later a deputy located him in a wooded area on East Lake Carlos Road where he was seated on the running motorcycle.

Reports state that he, “revved the engine several times and then spun the motorcycle around and headed directly at the Deputy.” Another pursuit began as the suspect avoided oncoming squad cars that tried to stop him.  Eventually the chase ended when the suspect and motorcycle slid into a ditch where he immediately got up and fled by foot again.

Another perimeter and group of K-9s were used to locate him underneath a vehicle a short time later. The suspect refused to surrender for some time before notifying officers that he had a gun as he held his hand behind his back. A K-9 was then deployed and he was apprehended. There was no firearm found on the suspect.

The suspect received immediate medical attention from a medic on scene and was brought to a North Memorial Ambulance who transported him to Alomere Hospital in Alexandria. He was treated for his injuries and held overnight for observation. On Saturday morning, he was found to be medically stable and was transported to the Douglas County Jail where he remains in custody pending his court appearance.

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The suspect had eight active arrest warrants at the time he was apprehended. Two other stolen motorcycles and a stolen Camaro were located at the home in Carlos.