By WCCO-TV Staff

MINNESOTA (WCCO) – A Minneapolis man has been charged with two felony-level counts for threats of violence after pointing a gun at passing cars, according to a criminal complaint.

On Aug. 3 the Oakdale Police Department says two separate callers reported a man tailgating their vehicle and pointing a firearm at them as they drove near the Mendota Heights bridge. One caller was able to report the driver’s license plate number.

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The callers both described the suspect as a Black man in his mid-twenties with an average build. Police were able to identify the suspect as 32-year-old Brandon Louis Smith of Minneapolis.

Law enforcement officers located Smith at his home where he initially denied being in Mendota Heights on the day of the reported incident but later admitted to driving near the area.

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Smith said the object he was pointing at the cars was not a gun but a lighter in the shape of one. Police gained permission to search Smiths’ vehicle and found that it was in fact a lighter. They also discovered an empty container for a Sig Saur P226 firearms magazine in the back seat of the vehicle.

OPD later arrested Smith on Aug. 5 for firearm and drug possession charges not related to the previous bridge incident. While searching Smith’s vehicle again they found a semi-automatic pistol, which allows Sig Saur P226 magazines to be used.

If Smith is found guilty of the felonies he could serve up to 2 Years in prison and pay a maximum fine of $6,000.

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