By WCCO-TV Staff

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The search for an owl that flew away from the Minnesota Zoo earlier this month has come to a sad end.

The zoo said Gladys, an Eurasian eagle owl, was found hurt on a roadside by a neighbor, who took the owl to the zoo. Unfortunately, the veterinary team was unable to save Gladys.

“For the last five years, Gladys has been a beloved ambassador of her species in the bird show,” the zoo said in a statement. “This is a difficult day for our team. Whenever an animal dies, we feel the impact of that loss as a Zoo community.”

Gladys (credit: Minnesota Zoo)

Gladys flew off of a tree during a training session. The zoo worked with wildlife officials to find the bird, and also asked for the public’s help, prompting tips and photos to pour in on social media.