By WCCO-TV Staff

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you’re looking to switch careers, you could do a lot worse than to live in Minnesota, according to a new survey.

Minnesota was recently ranked the fifth best state to change your career, according to the website Best Colleges.

The survey lauded Minnesota’s “above-average rankings in every category. The state’s big standouts are its high median income and low unemployment rate.”

The only states that ranked better were number-one Georgia — which was cited for its low cost of living, unemployment rate, and its favorable ranking on job growth — followed by New Hampshire, Utah, and Vermont.

Minnesota’s biggest debit in the survey was that its cost of living ranking was all the way down at 30th out of 50 states; a worse ranking indicates a higher cost of living. Minnesota ranks worst in the Midwest on that metric, behind even Illinois.

Still, its cost of living is leagues better than Massachusetts’ or Hawaii’s, the next states in line in the overall rankings after Minnesota.