By Jennifer Mayerle

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — It’s been a month since four victims were found shot to death in a SUV in a Wisconsin cornfield. Their families here in Minnesota are left to try to wrap their heads around the unimaginable.

Police believe siblings Matthew Pettus and Jasmine Sturm, her boyfriend Loyace Foreman III, and her best friend Nitosha Flug-Presley were killed in St. Paul. WCCO’s Jennifer Mayerle spoke with loved ones left behind about the lives cut tragically short.

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“Jasmine, she had this big heart for giving. She just loved people, she was so kind,” her mom, Angela Sturm, said.

Angela Sturm is the mother of Jasmine Sturm and Matthew Pettus.

“He liked to be silly, always laughing and always smiling. And he gave the best hugs, his hugs were so tight,” Angela said.

We met with Angela and Cathy Hansen in St. Paul. They are leaning on each other as they struggle with their grief. Aunt Cathy helped raise Nitosha Flug-Presley, or Tosha.

“It’s kind of like mother-daughter, sister, best friend, niece-aunt, all of the above. I say she was my everything, because she was,” Cathy said.

The families have been close since Jasmine and Tosha became best friends when they were young.

“As they grew into adults and had their own children, they wanted all the kids to also have that same connection and lifelong friendship. So they went everywhere together,” Angela said.

“Tosha called Angie mom, and you know, Jasmine was like a niece to me,” Cathy said.

They sit in the pain of their shared loss. And think about what the victims’ children will miss out on. Matthew became a dad a year and a half ago.

“Matthew, he was so excited that he had a daughter,” Angela said.

Jasmine and Tosha each had two, their kids around the same age. They want the kids to know how much their moms cared about them.

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“She had just such a huge heart, and even though she loved everybody, she loved them the most,” Cathy said about Tosha.

“She loved them so much,” Angela said about Jasmine.

They grapple with the same question many are asking: why?

“It’s unimaginable. So you’re trying to make sense of something that just will never make sense to us,” Cathy said.

Angela wants answers from the man charged with shooting them, and leaving them in a cornfield north of Menomonie, Wisconsin.

“Wherever he ends up, I’m going to go every day until he tells me why. It’s not going to take away the pain, and it’s not going to make sense because murder doesn’t make sense, but it will help give me some closure and we’re owed that,” Angela said.

The fourth victim, Loyace Foreman III, also lived in St. Paul. His parents moved to Texas last year. They told us he was a devoted dad of two boys, 8 and 13. He was building a life with Jasmine, and they were beginning to blend their families. In May, Loyace traveled to spend time with his parents.

“He was at a point in life where he was open and honest and we could talk about everything,” Dr. Loyace Foreman Jr. said.

“He was happy and content, and I’m just grateful there were no words left unsaid,” Dr. Jessica Foreman said.

The Foremans say there is still a lot to learn about the September night the four were killed. They urge those involved to muster the courage to confess.

Cathy says Tosha is probably the connection to the suspect, Antoine Suggs, but says she’d never heard of him.

Suggs is jailed in Arizona and charged with the murders. He is awaiting extradition to Minnesota. His father, Darren Osborne, is charged with hiding a corpse.

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GoFundMe accounts have been set up to support the families.

Jennifer Mayerle