By WCCO-TV Staff

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Good Samaritan who last week was struck by his own vehicle while helping out a stabbing victim has gotten his car back.

WCCO’s Jeff Wagner reported that 21-year-old Brandon Augst was making a delivery for DoorDash when he saw a fight near University Avenue and Victoria Street in St. Paul. Police said two men got in a fight by the light rail station at the intersection. One got stabbed in the neck and was lying in the street.

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Augst pulled over, called 911, and ran over to help a victim, who had blood around him.

“No one else was doing anything. Some guy was just sitting in his car right in front of [the victim],” Augst told Wagner.

Augst said police got to the scene quickly. He stayed on the phone with 911 as the officer and another bystander helped the victim. That’s when Augst noticed a man getting into his car, which he left running and unlocked.

“The cop is standing next to me. I said, ‘That guy’s taking my car!’ and then I ran over there … I was right in front of the car. He just floored it right into me and I literally rolled over the top, I fell off the back of my car,” he said. “Everything that I have except for my clothes was in my car.”

Brandon Augst sustained cuts and scabs on his legs, along with some road rash across his back.

On Thursday, Wagner was informed that Augst’s car was found, and turned up at an impound lot. What’s more, all of his belongings — including his wallet — were still in the car. Only his credit cards had been taken.