By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A landlord in Minneapolis is sounding the alarm over package thefts after several of his tenants became victims of the same thief.

“I feel the responsibility to keep my people safe,” said the landlord, who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation from the package thief. Still, he wanted to speak out about what has been happening at his apartment complex in the heart of Uptown.

The thefts began last Friday, when a tenant’s security camera captured a theft of a package. She sent the videos to the landlord.

“One was a mailman putting the box in. The next one was the guy coming in, putting his backpack down, putting the box in, putting his backpack on and leaving,” the landlord said.

The thief wasn’t finished. He returned the apartment building, but was interrupted by a tenant heading down the stairs.

“The tenant came down and saw him go around the corner and get into a car that drove him away,” the landlord said.

(credit: CBS)

With a picture of the suspect and description of the car (a silver Lexus), the landlord began posting fliers around West Lake Street and Irving Avenue to alert the community.

He thought the posters would deter the thief, but he returned the very next day.

“There he was again, sunglasses this time,” the landlord said. “He went in and stole another package.”

The landlord reported the thefts to Minneapolis police. The department confirmed that there is an active investigation underway, adding that package thefts are being reported across the city.

“Be on the lookout and don’t let up,” the landlord advised.

Secure Delivery Options

There are options to have your packages delivered to a safe space if you can’t be home to get them in person.

Some buildings have lockboxes where deliveries are made, and tenants only have access.

FedEx, UPS, Amazon and other delivery services also have options to have packages dropped off at local businesses for customers to pick up in person.

Reg Chapman