MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Sunday marks the start of a consequential week in the Twin Cities and voters will be looking at some major issues on their ballots.

For centuries, voting has been a civil privilege. For Bekah Noble, it’s a civic duty.

“I really believe in voting. I believe it’s important to vote in the local elections too, even though sometimes those issues seem less important, but they are super important,” said Noble.

St. Louis Park voters will elect a council member and school board this year. Noble has kids and will be paying close attention to school board candidates.

“It makes a big difference to teachers and students when we have school members that represent our district’s mission,” said Noble.

Just northeast of St. Louis Park, Minneapolis residents are doing their own ballot research.

“It’s the opportunity to pick our representatives and influence the direction you might want the system to go,” said Scott Holmes.

The Minneapolis mayoral race, the future of the police and rent control are all issues motivating Holmes and others to the polls. Early voters in Minneapolis have already come in at a record number.

Some residents who did not want to go on camera say they don’t plan on voting because they’re not informed enough.

Sean Andersen, a resident of St. Paul, admits he’s been out of the loop but says it won’t’ stop him from marking those boxes in St. Paul.

“Politics has become a little volatile so I checked out a while ago,” said Andersen. “I always voted ever since I could. I don’t think I’ve even missed midterm elections.”

All three cities will use rank-choice voting this year. This would eliminate the need for separate primary elections.

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