By WCCO-TV Staff

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A St. Paul man has been charged in connection to a drive-by shooting in Roseville this summer.

Charles Ginyard, 28, faces a drive-by-shooting charge and a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon in Ramsey County.

According to the complaint, on June 5, a man said he received a box of drugs at his residence in St. Paul. He was later jumped by two men, who stole his vehicle.

On the way to report the stolen car, the man and his wife stopped at the Hillsborough Apartments on the 2300 block of Woodbridge Street to drop off their kids with their grandmother.

There, while his wife was dropping off her kids, she heard three gunshots and saw a black Jeep. She recognized the driver as Ginyard, and another man was in the back seat. The complaint says the man shot at her husband, who drove away from the parking lot.

When she found her husband, he had a cut on his rib from broken glass, but he had not been shot.

When interviewed later by police, the man added that he noticed he was being followed by the black Jeep, as well as another car. He said he heard Ginyard shout “shoot him!” to the man in the back seat of the car. The man then allegedly leaned out of the window and shot at him with a handgun.

The victim said that the people involved in the incident believed that he took drugs from them. Since the shooting, he said he and his wife had received multiple threats.

If convicted, Ginyard faces 10 years in prison for the drive-by shooting charge and seven years for the assault charge. He has eight prior felony convictions.