By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A World War II veteran in Pine County received a special gift before Veterans Day.

Roy Reiser, 95, believes in service to country and others. And on this day, he is being honored for both.

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Volunteers with Quilts of Valor made the trek to east-central Minnesota to honor Reiser, who served from 1944 until 1946. He spent his time during the war Germany. He says he is one of the lucky ones.

“I think about it once in a while, but I lucked out. I put my time in, I come back in one piece, so I’m really, really proud for that. I’m proud I served my country,” Reiser said.

Roy Reiser (credit: CBS)

He is also proud his children followed his lead and served as well. He also has a grandson currently serving in the military.

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“You guys go put your time in like I did,” Reiser said. “So one went to the Navy, and one went to the Infantry and one went to Marines, and they made a big, happy family.”

Reiser is also proud of his service in the American Legion, and has served other veterans and the community for 74 years.

Veterans from across Pine County joined family in celebrating Reiser’s accomplishments. All are happy to have served, and of the legacy they leave to this next generation.

“We don’t got to worry about somebody else trying to come and undo what we done. That makes me feel pretty, pretty proud,” Reiser said.

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Quilts of Valor has honored more than 286,000 veterans across the country. Click here to nominate a veteran for a quilt, or find out more information about volunteering.

Reg Chapman