By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota man and his family continue to fight to leave Kabul more than three months after the Taliban took control of the city.

“The new government, they are just against the people like me, like interpreters and citizens,” Qais said, speaking of the Taliban.

For the past three months, Qais has been working with the U.S. State Department to get him and his family on a plane to Qatar and from there the U.S. However, they recently learned of a new requirement.

“They told me I need to have a passport for my son, which is like a 3-month-old baby, and I told them it’s not easy to get a passport in this current situation,” Qais said.

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Taliban officials working in the offices of the Ministry of Interior are advising Qais to register his son as a citizen of Afghanistan and get a certified ID issued before he can get a passport.

Qais was told once he gets the passport and gets to Qatar, an emergency U.S. passport will be issued.

“If you want to give my son a U.S. passport in Qatar, what is the point to make Afghan passport here?” Qais said.

Co-worker and friend Sarah Lippert says the state department assures her that Qais is safe but from what he tells her he is not.

“He has been trying to follow the rules given to him from day one, and there just continues to be obstacle after obstacle after obstacle,” Lippert said.

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She added: “He talked about the bombing between the Taliban and ISIS-K and how that continues to get worse…there have been gunfights in the streets in his neighborhood,” Lippert said.

Qais says the greatest threat to his safety is from U.S. delays.

“He just doesn’t understand, I guess, why the state department continues to not put his safety as a priority,” Lippert said.

She says Qais’ son has U.S. citizen born abroad status.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s office has been working with Qais and the state department. WCCO-TV reached out to her office for comment and have not heard back.

Reg Chapman