MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Rittenhouse verdict is getting a lot of reaction. The jury deliberated for more about 26 hours. Legal expert Joe Tamburino, who is not involved in this case, watched the trial closely. He breaks down some of the key takeaways.

“It seems what the jury did is they honed in on one fact. Which is what happened between the defendant and the alleged victims,” Tamburino said.

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Tamburino, who is licensed to practice in Minnesota and Wisconsin, says there are a lot of pieces to this case, but in the end?

“It came down to what did Mr. Rittenhouse face when he was confronted by these individuals. And they believe he thought his life was I danger, because under WI law which is similar to MN, if you feel that there is an imminent threat that you could die you’re allowed to use great bodily harm or deadly force,” Tamburino said.

He believes a pivotal moment in the trial is when alleged victim Gaige Grosskreutz testified. The shooting survivor may have helped bolster the defense claim that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense.

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“That Mr. Rittenhouse did not shoot him until he pointed a gun in Mr. Rittenhouse’s direction. That was pivotal. No doubt about it you just felt a change as you were watching that testimony,” Tamburino said.

Tamburino says a jury has to take the emotion out of the deliberation, and focus only on the evidence presented in court. He says the prosecution had a hard time proving its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

“It was very hard for them to get beyond self-defense,” Tamburino said.

WCCO reached out to police in the metro. We’re told they are prepared for anything, although there’s no specific plans here related to the trial. Agencies say they will continue to monitor intel.

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Jennifer Mayerle