By Kirsten Mitchell

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Shoppers are estimated to spend more than $11 billion on Cyber Monday. As shoppers take advantage of holiday deals, so are thieves, targeting package deliveries.

Laura Coyle was on a conference call at home when someone snatched a package from her steps in broad daylight in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood.

“I was indignant, because it was just such a despicable crime,” Coyle said.

Her doorbell camera didn’t deter the thief, nor did her dog who was sleeping at the time.

“Because of the mask and hoodie, I feel like they were prepared for evading,” Coyle said.

The package thief got away with a sweater she was going to return that arrived with a stain on it.

“Well, I hope they had a huge amount of disappointment. Karma!” Coyle said.

If a doorbell camera isn’t doing the trick to deter thieves, experts recommend instructing drivers to drop packages out of sight, require a signature, or, if possible, ship it to your work or neighbor who will be home.

Amazon shoppers can use Amazon Locker at check out. The package will be sent to a secure Amazon locker near you and you will be notified when it arrives, and given a secure code to pick it up.

Package lock boxes are also becoming more popular. Minneapolis business Imagin Studios created one during an employee engagement project during the pandemic. The company is now looking to find it a new home.

“It’s a nice piece and I hope it protects somebody’s valuables,” Imagin Studios president Brian Legg said.

USPS, UPS, and FedEx all offer services to modify your package deliveries.

Kirsten Mitchell