MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Vikings played on the road Sunday, but U.S. Bank Stadium still got some good use. The 2021 Indigenous Bowl was played there, bringing high school football players from across the continent to play in Minneapolis.

“It meant a lot, man,” said Devin Long Crow, from Sisseton, South Dakota. “To be on the big stage, big stadium, play in front of all Indigenous players, and with all of them all over, it was a great opportunity.”

The game, put on by the 7G Foundation, brought together over 30 Native American tribes and communities. It’s scale was incomparable, says 7G Foundation board member Michael Stopp.

“I can’t think of one that gets this big or touches this many communities,” Stopp said.

(credit: CBS)

The goal is to bring exposure to Indigenous players and reveal opportunities outside their communities. Andre Corn traveled from the Menomonee Indian Reservation.

“I was just tryna find a ride. I was down here, I couldn’t miss this opportunity,” Corn said.

For him, this game had greater meaning.

“I lost my brother two months ago and I knew I had to play for him today,” Corn said. “Ever since I was 5 years old, he taught me everything that he knew and he pushed me. He would make me cry and just toughen me up. I knew it was all for a reason. I always get mad at him but, I know it was all for a reason now.”

The Gold team got the victory between the lines, but this game is a win for everybody.

Ren Clayton